National Cemeteries1

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Name and location Total acreage
Antietam (Md.) 11.36
Battleground (DC) 1.03
Chalmette Cemetery (La.)17.5
Fort Donelson (Tenn.) 15.30
Fredericksburg (Va.)12.00
Gettysburg (Pa.) 20.58
Poplar Grove (Va.) 8.72
Shiloh (Tenn.) 10.05
Stones River (Tenn.) 719.81
Vicksburg (Miss.) 116.28
Yorktown (Va.) 2.91
1. The National Cemeteries are not independent areas of the National Park System; each is part of a military park, battlefield, etc., except Battleground. Their acreage is kept separately. Arlington National Cemetery is under the Department of the Army.

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