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State Compulsory School Attendance Laws

School Daze: Find Out Why Some Schools Opt for Later Start Times

The Common Core Debate

New Evaluations Raise the Stakes for Teachers

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Biggest Spenders for K12 Education

Funding for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools, 1919–1920 to 2004–2005

Expenditure per Pupil in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools

Top Fundraising Preparatory Schools,
in Total Amount Raised, 2005

International Comparison of Math, Reading, and Science Skills Among 15-Year-Olds

Average Math and Science Scores of Fourth-Grade and Eighth-Grade Students by Country

Student Reading Proficiency, 1971–2004

Public Schools with Access to the Internet, 1994–2005

Students with Disabilities

Drugs and Violence on School Property

Corporal Punishment in Public Schools, by State

Corporal Punishment in Public Schools, by Year

General Educational Development (GED) Credentials Issued, 1971–2005

Parents' Reasons for Homeschooling, 2003

Characteristics of Homeschooled Students, 1999 and 2003

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