Colonial American and Ivy League Colleges

While a number of present-day colleges were founded as secondary schools before the American Revolution, only nine existed as colleges at that point. Seven of those colleges are now among the eight members of the Ivy League.

Date foundedOriginal NameName TodayEnrollment
Colonial Colleges that Are Now Ivy League Colleges or Universities
1636Harvard College Harvard University 6,722
1701Yale College Yale University 5,430
1746College of New JerseyPrinceton University 5,323
1751Philadelphia AcademyUniversity of Pennsylvania 9,712
1754King's CollegeColumbia University 6,0681
1764Rhode Island CollegeBrown University 6,455
1769Dartmouth CollegeDartmouth College 4,276
Colonial Colleges that Are Not in the Ivy League
1693College of William and Mary in VirginiaCollege of William and Mary 6,271
1766Queen's CollegeRutgers University 33,900
Ivy League University of More Recent Origin
1865Cornell UniversityCornell University 14,393
1. Columbia College.
2. New Brunswick campus.
Source: Peterson's Database, 2014. Peterson's, a part of the Thomson Corporation. Web: /node/4994 .

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