America’s Most Literate Cities

Updated September 11, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
man in library

Minneapolis library
Source: AP Photo/Craig Lassig

This study from Central Connecticut State University  is conducted to try and assess the literacy of its major cities (population of 250,000 and above). The study ranks cities based on: booksellers, educational attainment, Internet resources, library resources, newspaper circulation, and periodical publishing resources. The information is compared against population rates in each city to develop a per capita profile of the city's literacy, although the complexity of the different variables means it's not necessarily conclusive. The study was last conducted in 2018

Rank City
1. Seattle, Wash.
2. Washington, D.C.
3. San Francisco, Calif.
4. Minneapolis, Minn.
5. Portland, Ore.
6. Atlanta, Ga.
7. Cincinnati, Oh. 
8. Denver, Colo.
9 Pittsburgh, Pa.
10 St. Louis, Mo.
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