Synonyms of severity


1. badness, severity, severeness, intensity, intensiveness

usage: used of the degree of something undesirable e.g. pain or weather

2. asperity, grimness, hardship, rigor, rigour, severity, severeness, rigorousness, rigourousness, difficulty, difficultness

usage: something hard to endure; "the asperity of northern winters"

3. austereness, severity, severeness, plainness

usage: extreme plainness

4. severity, severeness, harshness, rigor, rigour, rigorousness, rigourousness, inclemency, hardness, stiffness, sternness, strictness

usage: excessive sternness; "severity of character"; "the harshness of his punishment was inhuman"; "the rigors of boot camp"

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Definition and meaning of severity (Dictionary)