Synonyms of practical


1. practical (vs. impractical), applicative, applicatory, functional, interoperable, matter-of-fact, pragmatic, pragmatical, operable, practicable, serviceable, unimaginative, working, concrete, possible, realistic, serviceable

usage: concerned with actual use or practice; "he is a very practical person"; "the idea had no practical application"; "a practical knowledge of Japanese"; "woodworking is a practical art"

2. hardheaded, hard-nosed, practical, pragmatic, realistic (vs. unrealistic)

usage: guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory; "a hardheaded appraisal of our position"; "a hard-nosed labor leader"; "completely practical in his approach to business"; "not ideology but pragmatic politics"

3. virtual(prenominal), practical(prenominal), realistic (vs. unrealistic)

usage: being actually such in almost every respect; "a practical failure"; "the once elegant temple lay in virtual ruin"

4. practical, applied (vs. theoretical)

usage: having or put to a practical purpose or use; "practical mathematics"; "practical applications of calculus"

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