Super Bowl XXXIII: And Now, a Word from Our Sponsors...

Updated February 28, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Source: Archive Photos

Only one team can bring home a title, but there will be no shortage of winners on Super Bowl Sunday.

This year, companies have been doling an average of $160 million for each 30-second spot during the game. Pre-game advertisements have gone from anywhere between $40 thousand to well over $1 million, with ads shown closer to game time commanding a higher price. And let's not forget about the post-game. Those clearance-sale, bargain shoppers out there can pick up a 30-second spot during the post-game analysis for the low, low price of $700-800 thousand. Fox's new debut of Family Guy and The Simpsons will also fetch upwards of that amount.

For the over 75,000 fans lucky enough to have acquired a ticket to the game, the price of attendance, beyond the $300-1,000 they are likely to have shelled out for the ducats, is missing the commercials. Rest easy and look to the skies, though, because for approximately $12,000, you can have your advertisement dragged overhead by an airplane for much of the day. Disney, AT&T, and the National Yellow Pages are just some of the major names taking part in this offer. Unfortunately, the planes won't be flying during the game, as Miami tends to get dark at night, when the game will be played.

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