Men's Olympic Javelin Throw Through the Years

1906Eric Lemming, Sweden175 ft 6 in
1908Eric Lemming, Sweden179 ft 10.5 in
1912Eric Lemming, Sweden198 ft 11.25 in
1920Jonni Myyra, Finland215 ft 9.75 in
1924Jonni Myyra, Finland206 ft 6.75 in
1928Eric Lundquist, Sweden218 ft 6.125 in
1932Matti Jarvinen, Finland238 ft 7 in
1936Gerhard Stoeck, Germany235 ft 8.3125 in
1948Kaj Rautavaara, Finland228 ft 10.5 in
1952Cy Young, United States242 ft 0.75 in
1956Egil Danielsen, Norway281 ft 2.25 in
1960Viktor Tsibuelnko, USSR277 ft 8.375 in
1964Pauli Nevala, Finland271 ft 2.25 in
1968Janis Lusis, USSR295 ft 7 in
1972Klaus Wolfermann, West Germany296 ft 10 in
1976Miklos Nemeth, Hungary310 ft 4 in
1980Dainis Kula, USSR299 ft 2.375 in
1984Arto Haerkoenen, Finland284 ft 8 in
1988Tapio Korjus, Finland276 ft 6 in
1992Jan Zelezny, Czechoslovakia294 ft 2 in
1996Jan Zelezny, Czech Republic289 ft 3 in
2000Jan Zelezny, Czech Republic295 ft 9.5 in
2004Andreas Thorkildsen, Norway283 ft 9.51 in
2008Andreas Thorkildsen, Norway297 ft 1.74 in*

*Olympic record.


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