Men's Olympic Discus Throw Through the Years

1896Robert Garrett, United States95 ft 7.5 in
1900Rudolf Bauer, Hungary118 ft 2.875 in
1904Martin Sheridan, United States128 ft 10.5 in
1906Martin Sheridan, United States136 ft 0.3 in
1908Martin Sheridan, United States134 ft 2 in
1912Armas e, Finland145 ft 0.5625 in
1920Elmer Niklander, Finland146 ft 7 in
1924Clarence Houser, United States151 ft 5.25 in
1928Clarence Houser, United States155 ft 2.8 in
1932John Anderson, United States162 ft 4.875 in
1936Ken Carpenter, United States165 ft 7.375 in
1948Adolfo Consolini, Italy173 ft 2 in
1952Simeon Iness, United States180 ft 6.5 in
1956Al Oerter, United States184 ft 10.5 in
1960Al Oerter, United States194 ft 2 in
1964Al Oerter, United States200 ft 1.5 in
1968Al Oerter, United States212 ft 6 in
1972Ludvik Danek, Czechoslovakia211 ft 3 in
1976Mac Wilkins, United States221 ft 5 in
1980Viktor Rashchupkin, USSR218 ft 8 in
1984Rolf Dannenberg, West Germany218 ft 6 in
1988Jurgen Schult, East Germany225 ft 9.25 in
1992Romas Ubartas, Lithuania213 ft 7.75 in
1996Lars Riedel, Germany227 ft 8 in
2000Virgilijus Alekna, Lithuania227 ft 4 in
2004Virgilijus Alekna, Lithuania229 ft 3.57 in
2008Gerd Kanter, Estonia225 ft 9.44 in


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