Men's Olympic Track & Field: Men's Olympic Pole Vault Through the Years

Pole Vault

Find the Olympic gold-medal times for the men's pole vault competition from 1896 to the present.

Year HeightRecord
1896William Hoyt, USA10-10 
1900Irving Baxter, USA10-10 
1904Charles Dvorak, USA11- 53/4 
1906Fernand Gonder, FRA11- 53/4 
1908(TIE) Edward Cooke, USA12- 2 
 & Alfred Gilbert, USA12- 2OR
1912Harry Babcock, USA12-111/2OR
1920Frank Foss, USA13- 5WR
1924Lee Barnes, USA12-111/2 
1928Sabin Carr, USA13- 91/4OR
1932Bill Miller, USA14- 13/4OR
1936Earle Meadows, USA14- 31/4OR
1948Guinn Smith, USA14- 11/4 
1952Bob Richards, USA14-11OR
1956Bob Richards, USA14-111/2OR
1960Don Bragg, USA15- 5OR
1964Fred Hansen, USA16- 83/4OR
1968Bob Seagren, USA17- 81/2OR
1972Wolfgang Nordwig, E. Ger18- 01/2OR
1976Tadeusz Slusarski, POL18- 01/2OR
1980Wladyslaw Kozakiewicz, POL18-111/2WR
1984Pierre Quinon, FRA18-101/4 
1988Sergey Bubka, USSR19- 41/4OR
1992Maksim Tarasov, UT19- 01/4 
1996Jean Galfione, FRA19- 51/4OR
2000Nick Hysong, USA19- 41/4 
2004Timothy Mack, USA19-61/4OR
2008Steve Hooker, AUS19-61/2OR
2012Renaud Lavillenie, FRA19-7OR


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