Men's Olympic Long Jump Through the Years

Long Jump

Find the Olympic gold-medal times for the men's long jump competition from 1896 to the present.

Year DistanceRecord
1896Ellery Clark, USA20-10 
1900Alvin Kraenzlein, USA23- 63/4OR
1904Meyer Prinstein, USA24- 1OR
1906Meyer Prinstein, USA23- 71/2 
1908Frank Irons, USA24- 61/2OR
1912Albert Gutterson, USA24-111/4OR
1920William Petersson, SWE23- 51/2 
1924De Hart Hubbard, USA24- 5 
1928Ed Hamm, USA25- 41/2OR
1932Ed Gordon, USA25- 03/4 
1936Jesse Owens, USA26- 51/2OR
1948Willie Steele, USA25- 8 
1952Jerome Biffle, USA24-10 
1956Greg Bell, USA25- 81/4 
1960Ralph Boston, USA26- 73/4OR
1964Lynn Davies, GBR26- 53/4 
1968Bob Beamon, USA29- 21/2WR
1972Randy Williams, USA27- 01/2 
1976Arnie Robinson, USA27- 43/4 
1980Lutz Dombrowski, E. Ger28- 01/4 
1984Carl Lewis, USA28- 01/4 
1988Carl Lewis, USA28- 71/4 
1992Carl Lewis, USA28- 51/2 
1996Carl Lewis, USA27- 103/4 
2000Ivan Pedroso, CUB28- 03/4 
2004Dwight Phillips, USA28- 213/4 
2008Irving Jahir Saladino Aranda, PAN27- 41/4 
2012Greg Rutherford, GBR27-31/4 


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