Men's Olympic 4x400-meter Relay Through the Years

4x400-meter Relay

Find the Olympic gold-medal times for the men's 4X400m relay race from 1908 to the present.

Year TimeRecord
1908United States3:29.4 
1912United States3:16.6WR
1920Great Britain3:22.2 
1924United States3:16.0WR
1928United States3:14.2WR
1932United States3:08.2WR
1936Great Britain3:09.0 
1948United States3:10.4 
1956United States3:04.8 
1960United States3:02.2WR
1964United States3:00.7WR
1968United States2:56.16WR
1976United States2:58.65 
1980Soviet Union3:01.1 
1984United States2:57.91 
1988United States2:56.16WR
1992United States2:55.74WR
1996United States2:55.99 
2000United States2:56.35 
2004United States2:55.91 
2008United States2:55.39 


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