Men's Olympic 4x100-meter Relay Through the Years

4x100-meter Relay

Find the Olympic gold-medal times for the men's 4X100m relay race from 1912 to the present.

Year TimeRecord
1912Great Britain42.4 
1920United States42.2WR
1924United States41.0WR
1928United States41.0WR
1932United States40.0WR
1936United States39.8WR
1948United States40.6 
1952United States40.1 
1956United States39.5WR
1964United States39.0WR
1968United States38.23WR
1972United States38.19WR
1976United States38.33 
1980Soviet Union38.26 
1984United States37.83WR
1988Soviet Union38.19 
1992United States37.40WR
2000United States37.61 
2004Great Britain38.0 
2008Jamaica37.10WR, OR


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