1999 NL Baseball Team By Team Stats (Philadelphia Phillies)

Batting (135 AB)AvgABRHHRRBISB
Bobby Abreu.335546118183209327
Doug Glanville.325628101204117334
Alex Arias.303347431054482
Mike Lieberthal.3005108415331960
Kevin Jordan.28534736994510
Rico Brogna.27861990172241028
Kevin Sefcik.27820928581119
Scott Rolen.26842174113267712
Rob Ducey.26118829498332
Ron Gant.260516107134177713
Marlon Anderson*.2524524811455413
Desi Relaford.24221131511264
Acquired: P Person from Tor. for P Paul Spoljaric (May 5).
Claimed: P Telemaco off waivers from Ari. (Jun. 8).
Pitchers (40 IP)ERAW-LGmIPBBSO
Steve Montgomery*3.341-55364.23155
Curt Schilling3.5415-624180.144152
Wayne Gomes4.265-57374.05658
Robert Person4.2710-531137.070127
Steve Schrenk*4.291-33250.11436
Paul Byrd4.6015-1132199.270106
Carlton Loewer5.122-62089.22648
Randy Wolf*5.556-922121.267116
Chad Ogea5.636-1236168.06177
Amaury Telemaco5.774-04953.02643
Mike Grace7.691-42755.03028
Saves: Gomes (19); Jeff Brantley (5); Montgomery (3); Billy Brewer (2); Scott Aldred, Schrenk, and Jim Poole (1). Complete games: Schilling (8); Loewer (2); Byrd (1). Shutouts: Schilling and Loewer (1).

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1999 NL Team by Team Statistics
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