Philadelphia Phillies

Batting (135 AB)AvgABRHHRRBISB
Bobby Abreu.335546118183209327
Doug Glanville.325628101204117334
Alex Arias.303347431054482
Mike Lieberthal.3005108415331960
Kevin Jordan.28534736994510
Rico Brogna.27861990172241028
Kevin Sefcik.27820928581119
Scott Rolen.26842174113267712
Rob Ducey.26118829498332
Ron Gant.260516107134177713
Marlon Anderson*.2524524811455413
Desi Relaford.24221131511264
Acquired: P Person from Tor. for P Paul Spoljaric (May 5).
Claimed: P Telemaco off waivers from Ari. (Jun. 8).
Pitchers (40 IP)ERAW-LGmIPBBSO
Steve Montgomery*3.341-55364.23155
Curt Schilling3.5415-624180.144152
Wayne Gomes4.265-57374.05658
Robert Person4.2710-531137.070127
Steve Schrenk*4.291-33250.11436
Paul Byrd4.6015-1132199.270106
Carlton Loewer5.122-62089.22648
Randy Wolf*5.556-922121.267116
Chad Ogea5.636-1236168.06177
Amaury Telemaco5.774-04953.02643
Mike Grace7.691-42755.03028
Saves: Gomes (19); Jeff Brantley (5); Montgomery (3); Billy Brewer (2); Scott Aldred, Schrenk, and Jim Poole (1). Complete games: Schilling (8); Loewer (2); Byrd (1). Shutouts: Schilling and Loewer (1).

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