1999 NL Baseball Team By Team Stats (New York Mets)

Batting (135 AB)AvgABRHHRRBISB
Shawon Dunston.321243357854110
Rickey Henderson.31543889138124237
Darryl Hamilton.315505821599456
Roger Cedeno.3134539014243666
Edgardo Alfonzo.304628123191271089
Mike Piazza.303534100162401242
Robin Ventura.30158888177321201
John Olerud.29858110717319963
Todd Pratt.29314018413212
Benny Agbayani*.286276427914426
Rey Ordonez.258520491341608
Acquired: P Rogers from Oak. for OF Terrence Long and P Leoner Vasquez (Jul. 23); OF Hamilton and P McElroy from Col. for OF Brian McRae, P Rigo Beltran and OF Thomas Johnson (Jul. 31); OF Dunston from St.L for IF Craig Paquette (Jul. 31).
Pitching (40 IP)ERAW-LGmIPBBSO
Armando Benitez1.854-37778.041128
John Franco2.880-24640.21941
Turk Wendell3.055-48085.23777
Pat Mahomes3.688-03963.23751
Dennis Cook3.8610-57163.02768
Kenny Rogers4.035-11276.02858
Al Leiter4.2313-1232213.093162
Masato Yoshii4.4012-831174.058105
Orel Hershiser4.5813-1232179.07789
Rick Reed4.5811-526149.147104
Octavio Dotel*5.388-31985.14985
Chuck McElroy5.503-15654.03644
Bobby Jones5.613-31259.11131
Saves: Benitez (22); Franco (19); Wendell and Cook (3); Allen Watson and Jason Isringhausen (1). Complete games: Rogers (2); Leiter, Yoshii and Reed (1). Shutouts: Rogers, Leiter and Reed (1).


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