2000 Minor League
All-Star Team

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Pos.Name, Team (Major Affiliate)
CJ.R. House, Hickory (Pirates)
1BJason Hart, Midland/Sacramento (A's)
2BKeith Ginter, Round Rock (Astros)
3BJoe Crede, Birmingham (White Sox)
SSJose Ortiz, Sacramento (A's)
OFKevin Mench, Charlotte (Rangers)
OFChad Mottola, Syracuse (Blue Jays)
OFJuan Silvestre, Lancaster (Mariners)
DHAlex Cabrera, Tucson/El Paso (D'Backs)
SPRoy Oswalt, Kissimmee/Round Rock (Astros)
SPChristian Parra, Myrtle Beach (Braves)
SPJon Rauch*, Winston-Salem/Birm. (White Sox)
SPBud Smith, Arkansas/Memphis (Cardinals)
SPGreg Wooten, New Haven (Mariners)
RPMaximo Regalado, Vero/S. Antonio (Dodgers)
*Player of the Year

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