Through the Years MLB Annual Home Runs

National League

Multiple winners: Mike Schmidt (8); Ralph Kiner (7); Gavvy Cravath and Mel Ott (6); Hank Aaron, Chuck Klein, Willie Mays, Johnny Mize, Cy Williams and Hack Wilson (4);Willie McCovey (3); Ernie Banks, Johnny Bench, Barry Bonds, George Foster, Rogers Hornsby, Tim Jordan, Dave Kingman, Eddie Mathews, Mark McGwire, Dale Murphy, Bill Nicholson, Dave Robertson, Wildfire Schulte, Sammy Sosa and Willie Stargell (2).

Year HR
1900Herman Long, Bos12
1901Sam Crawford, Cin16
1902Tommy Leach, Pit6
1903Jimmy Sheckard, Bklyn9
1904Harry Lumley, Bklyn9
1905Fred Odwell, Cin9
1906Tim Jordan, Bklyn12
1907Dave Brain, Bos10
1908Tim Jordan, Bklyn12
1909Red Murray, NY7
1910Fred Beck, Bos10
 & Wildfire Schulte, Chi10
1911Wildfire Schulte, Chi21
1912Heinie Zimmerman, Chi14
1913Gavvy Cravath, Phi19
1914Gavvy Cravath, Phi19
1915Gavvy Cravath, Phi24
1916Cy Williams, Chi12
 & Dave Robertson, NY12
1917Gavvy Cravath, Phi12
 & Dave Robertson, NY12
1918Gavvy Cravath, Phi8
1919Gavvy Cravath, Phi12
1920Cy Williams, Phi15
1921George Kelly, NY23
1922Rogers Hornsby, St.L42
1923Cy Williams, Phi41
1924Jack Fournier, Bklyn27
1925Rogers Hornsby, St.L39
1926Hack Wilson, Chi21
1927Cy Williams, Phi30
 & Hack Wilson, Chi30
1928Jim Bottomley, St.L31
 & Hack Wilson, Chi31
1929Chuck Klein, Phi43
1930Hack Wilson, Chi56
1931Chuck Klein, Phi31
1932Chuck Klein, Phi38
 & Mel Ott, NY38
1933Chuck Klein, Phi28
1934Rip Collins, St.L35
 & Mel Ott, NY35
1935Wally Berger, Bos34
1936Mel Ott, NY33
1937Joe Medwick, St.L31
 & Mel Ott, NY31
1938Mel Ott, NY36
1939Johnny Mize, St.L28
1940Johnny Mize, St.L43
1941Dolph Camilli, Bklyn34
1942Mel Ott, NY30
1943Bill Nicholson, Chi29
1944Bill Nicholson, Chi33
1945Tommy Holmes, Bos28
1946Ralph Kiner, Pit23
1947Ralph Kiner, Pit51
 & Johnny Mize, NY51
1948Ralph Kiner, Pit40
 & Johnny Mize, NY40
1949Ralph Kiner, Pit54
1950Ralph Kiner, Pit47
1951Ralph Kiner, Pit42
1952Ralph Kiner, Pit37
 & Hank Sauer, Chi37
1953Eddie Mathews, Mil47
1954Ted Kluszewski, Cin49
1955Willie Mays, NY51
1956Duke Snider, Bklyn43
1957Hank Aaron, Mil44
1958Ernie Banks, Chi47
1959Eddie Mathews, Mil46
1960Ernie Banks, Chi41
1961Orlando Cepeda, SF46
1962Willie Mays, SF49
1963Hank Aaron, Mil44
 & Willie McCovey, SF44
1964Willie Mays, SF47
1965Willie Mays, SF52
1966Hank Aaron, Atl44
1967Hank Aaron, Atl39
1968Willie McCovey, SF36
1969Willie McCovey, SF45
1970Johnny Bench, Cin45
1971Willie Stargell, Pit48
1972Johnny Bench, Cin40
1973Willie Stargell, Pit44
1974Mike Schmidt, Phi36
1975Mike Schmidt, Phi38
1976Mike Schmidt, Phi38
1977George Foster, Cin52
1978George Foster, Cin40
1979Dave Kingman, Chi48
1980Mike Schmidt, Phi48
1981Mike Schmidt, Phi31
1982Dave Kingman, NY37
1983Mike Schmidt, Phi40
1984Dale Murphy, Atl36
 & Mike Schmidt, Phi36
1985Dale Murphy, Atl37
1986Mike Schmidt, Phi37
1987Andre Dawson, Chi49
1988Darryl Strawberry, NY39
1989Kevin Mitchell, SF47
1990Ryne Sandberg, Chi40
1991Howard Johnson, NY38
1992Fred McGriff, SD35
1993Barry Bonds, SF46
1994Matt Williams, SF43
1995Dante Bichette, Col40
1996Andres Galarraga, Col47
1997Larry Walker, Col49
1998Mark McGwire, St.L70
1999Mark McGwire, St.L65
2000Sammy Sosa, Chi50
2001Barry Bonds, SF73
2002Sammy Sosa, Chi49
2003Jim Thome, Phi47
2004Adrian Beltre, LA48
Note: In 1997 Mark McGwire hit 58 home runs but hit 34 of them in the AL with Oakland before getting traded to St. Louis.


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