MLB American League Annual Home Runs

American League

Multiple winners: Babe Ruth (12); Harmon Killebrew (6); Home Run Baker, Harry Davis, Jimmie Foxx, Hank Greenberg, Ken Griffey Jr., Reggie Jackson, Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams (4); Lou Gehrig, Jim Rice and Alex Rodriguez (3); Dick Allen, Tony Armas, Jose Canseco, Joe DiMaggio, Larry Doby, Cecil Fielder, Juan Gonzalez, Mark McGwire, Wally Pipp, Al Rosen and Gorman Thomas (2).

Year HR
1901Nap Lajoie, Phi14
1902Socks Seybold, Phi16
1903Buck Freeman, Bos13
1904Harry Davis, Phi10
1905Harry Davis, Phi8
1906Harry Davis, Phi12
1907Harry Davis, Phi8
1908Sam Crawford, Det7
1909Ty Cobb, Det9
1910Jake Stahl, Bos10
1911Home Run Baker, Phi11
1912Home Run Baker, Phi10
 & Tris Speaker, Bos10
1913Home Run Baker, Phi12
1914Home Run Baker, Phi9
1915Braggo Roth, Chi-Cle7
1916Wally Pipp, NY12
1917Wally Pipp, NY9
1918Babe Ruth, Bos11
 & Tilly Walker, Phi11
1919Babe Ruth, Bos29
1920Babe Ruth, NY54
1921Babe Ruth, NY59
1922Ken Williams, St.L39
1923Babe Ruth, NY41
1924Babe Ruth, NY46
1925Bob Meusel, NY33
1926Babe Ruth, NY47
1927Babe Ruth, NY60
1928Babe Ruth, NY54
1929Babe Ruth, NY46
1930Babe Ruth, NY49
1931Lou Gehrig, NY46
 & Babe Ruth, NY46
1932Jimmie Foxx, Phi58
1933Jimmie Foxx, Phi48
1934Lou Gehrig, NY49
1935Jimmie Foxx, Phi36
 & Hank Greenberg, Det36
1936Lou Gehrig, NY49
1937Joe DiMaggio, NY46
1938Hank Greenberg, Det58
1939Jimmie Foxx, Bos35
1940Hank Greenberg, Det41
1941Ted Williams, Bos37
1942Ted Williams, Bos36
1943Rudy York, Det34
1944Nick Etten, NY22
1945Vern Stephens, St.L24
1946Hank Greenberg, Det44
1947Ted Williams, Bos32
1948Joe DiMaggio, NY39
1949Ted Williams, Bos43
1950Al Rosen, Cle37
1951Gus Zernial, Chi-Phi33
1952Larry Doby, Cle32
1953Al Rosen, Cle43
1954Larry Doby, Cle32
1955Mickey Mantle, NY37
1956Mickey Mantle, NY52
1957Roy Sievers, Wash42
1958Mickey Mantle, NY42
1959Rocky Colavito, Cle42
 & Harmon Killebrew, Wash42
1960Mickey Mantle, NY40
1961Roger Maris, NY61
1962Harmon Killebrew, Min48
1963Harmon Killebrew, Min45
1964Harmon Killebrew, Min49
1965Tony Conigliaro, Bos32
1966Frank Robinson, Bal49
1967Harmon Killebrew, Min44
 & Carl Yastrzemski, Bos44
1968Frank Howard, Wash44
1969Harmon Killebrew, Min49
1970Frank Howard, Wash44
1971Bill Melton, Chi33
1972Dick Allen, Chi37
1973Reggie Jackson, Oak32
1974Dick Allen, Chi32
1975Reggie Jackson, Oak36
 & George Scott, Mil36
1976Graig Nettles, NY32
1977Jim Rice, Bos39
1978Jim Rice, Bos46
1979Gorman Thomas, Mil45
1980Reggie Jackson, NY41
 & Ben Oglivie, Mil41
1981Tony Armas, Oak22
 Dwight Evans, Bos22
 Bobby Grich, Cal22
 & Eddie Murray, Bal22
1982Reggie Jackson, Cal39
 & Gorman Thomas, Mil39
1983Jim Rice, Bos39
1984Tony Armas, Bos43
1985Darrell Evans, Det40
1986Jesse Barfield, Tor40
1987Mark McGwire, Oak49
1988Jose Canseco, Oak42
1989Fred McGriff, Tor36
1990Cecil Fielder, Det51
1991Jose Canseco, Oak44
 & Cecil Fielder, Det44
1992Juan Gonzalez, Tex43
1993Juan Gonzalez, Tex46
1994Ken Griffey Jr., Sea40
1995Albert Belle, Cle50
1996Mark McGwire, Oak52
1997Ken Griffey Jr., Sea56
1998Ken Griffey Jr., Sea56
1999Ken Griffey Jr., Sea48
2000Troy Glaus, Ana47
2001Alex Rodriguez, Tex52
2002Alex Rodriguez, Tex57
2003Alex Rodriguez, Tex47
2004Manny Ramirez, Bos43
Note: In 1997 Mark McGwire hit 58 home runs but hit 24 of them in the NL with St. Louis after getting traded from Oakland.


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