2000 Toyota Cup

Also known as the Intercontinental Cup; a year-end match for the Club World Championship between the European Cup and Copa Liberatadores winners. Played on Nov. 28 in front of 51,000 at Tokyo's National Stadium. Its winner is generally recognized as the Club World Champion but with the recent advent of FIFA's Club World Championship that could change. Note that the 2001 FIFA Club World Championship was postponed until 2003 (see below).


Boca Juniors (Argentina) 2Real Madrid (Spain) 1
Scoring: Boca Juniors?Martin Palermo (3rd, 6th); Real Madrid?Roberto Carlos (12th).
Referee: Julian Oscar Ruiz Acosta (Colombia)

Club Team CompetitionFIFA Club World Championship
Club Team Competition for Soccer's 2000-01 Season
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