MLB American League Strikeouts

American League

Multiple winners: Walter Johnson (12); Nolan Ryan (9); Bob Feller and Lefty Grove (7); Rube Waddell (6); Roger Clemens and Sam McDowell (5); Randy Johnson (4); Lefty Gomez, Mark Langston, Pedro Martinez and Camilo Pascual (3); Len Barker, Tommy Bridges, Jim Bunning, Hal Newhouser, Allie Reynolds, Herb Score, Ed Walsh and Early Wynn (2).

1901Cy Young, Bos158
1902Rube Waddell, Phi210
1903Rube Waddell, Phi302
1904Rube Waddell, Phi349
1905Rube Waddell, Phi287
1906Rube Waddell, Phi196
1907Rube Waddell, Phi232
1908Ed Walsh, Chi269
1909Frank Smith, Chi177
1910Walter Johnson, Wash313
1911Ed Walsh, Chi255
1912Walter Johnson, Wash303
1913Walter Johnson, Wash243
1914Walter Johnson, Wash225
1915Walter Johnson, Wash203
1916Walter Johnson, Wash228
1917Walter Johnson, Wash188
1918Walter Johnson, Wash162
1919Walter Johnson, Wash147
1920Stan Coveleski, Cle133
1921Walter Johnson, Wash143
1922Urban Shocker, St.L149
1923Walter Johnson, Wash130
1924Walter Johnson, Wash158
1925Lefty Grove, Phi116
1926Lefty Grove, Phi194
1927Lefty Grove, Phi174
1928Lefty Grove, Phi183
1929Lefty Grove, Phi170
1930Lefty Grove, Phi209
1931Lefty Grove, Phi175
1932Red Ruffing, NY190
1933Lefty Gomez, NY163
1934Lefty Gomez, NY158
1935Tommy Bridges, Det163
1936Tommy Bridges, Det175
1937Lefty Gomez, NY194
1938Bob Feller, Cle240
1939Bob Feller, Cle246
1940Bob Feller, Cle261
1941Bob Feller, Cle260
1942Tex Hughson, Bos113
& Bobo Newsom, Wash113
1943Allie Reynolds, Cle151
1944Hal Newhouser, Det187
1945Hal Newhouser, Det212
1946Bob Feller, Cle348
1947Bob Feller, Cle196
1948Bob Feller, Cle164
1949Virgil Trucks, Det153
1950Bob Lemon, Cle170
1951Vic Raschi, NY164
1952Allie Reynolds, NY160
1953Billy Pierce, Chi186
1954Bob Turley, Bal185
1955Herb Score, Cle245
1956Herb Score, Cle263
1957Early Wynn, Cle184
1958Early Wynn, Chi179
1959Jim Bunning, Det201
1960Jim Bunning, Det201
1961Camilo Pascual, Min221
1962Camilo Pascual, Min206
1963Camilo Pascual, Min202
1964Al Downing, NY217
1965Sam McDowell, Cle325
1966Sam McDowell, Cle225
1967Jim Lonborg, Bos246
1968Sam McDowell, Cle283
1969Sam McDowell, Cle279
1970Sam McDowell, Cle304
1971Mickey Lolich, Det308
1972Nolan Ryan, Cal329
1973Nolan Ryan, Cal383
1974Nolan Ryan, Cal367
1975Frank Tanana, Cal269
1976Nolan Ryan, Cal327
1977Nolan Ryan, Cal341
1978Nolan Ryan, Cal260
1979Nolan Ryan, Cal223
1980Len Barker, Cle187
1981Len Barker, Cle127
1982Floyd Bannister, Sea209
1983Jack Morris, Det232
1984Mark Langston, Sea204
1985Bert Blyleven, Cle-Min206
1986Mark Langston, Sea245
1987Mark Langston, Sea262
1988Roger Clemens, Bos291
1989Nolan Ryan, Tex301
1990Nolan Ryan, Tex232
1991Roger Clemens, Bos241
1992Randy Johnson, Sea241
1993Randy Johnson, Sea308
1994Randy Johnson, Sea204
1995Randy Johnson, Sea294
1996Roger Clemens, Bos257
1997Roger Clemens, Tor292
1998Roger Clemens, Tor271
1999Pedro Martinez, Bos313
2000Pedro Martinez, Bos284
2001Hideo Nomo, Bos220
2002Pedro Martinez, Bos239
2003Esteban Loaiza, Chi207
2004Johan Santana, Min265

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