Annual Pitching Leaders Baseball National League Strikeouts

National League

Multiple winners: Dazzy Vance (7); Grover Alexander (6); Steve Carlton, Randy Johnson, Christy Mathewson and Tom Seaver (5); Dizzy Dean, Sandy Koufax and Warren Spahn (4); Don Drysdale, Sam Jones and Johnny Vander Meer (3); David Cone, Dwight Gooden, Bill Hallahan, J.R. Richard, Robin Roberts, Nolan Ryan, Curt Schilling, John Smoltz and Hippo Vaughn (2).

1900Rube Waddell, Pit130
1901Noodles Hahn, Cin239
1902Vic Willis, Bos225
1903Christy Mathewson, NY267
1904Christy Mathewson, NY212
1905Christy Mathewson, NY206
1906Fred Beebe, Chi-St.L171
1907Christy Mathewson, NY178
1908Christy Mathewson, NY259
1909Orval Overall, Chi205
1910Earl Moore, Phi185
1911Rube Marquard, NY237
1912Grover Alexander, Phi195
1913Tom Seaton, Phi168
1914Grover Alexander, Phi214
1915Grover Alexander, Phi241
1916Grover Alexander, Phi167
1917Grover Alexander, Phi201
1918Hippo Vaughn, Chi148
1919Hippo Vaughn, Chi141
1920Grover Alexander, Chi173
1921Burleigh Grimes, Bklyn136
1922Dazzy Vance, Bklyn134
1923Dazzy Vance, Bklyn197
1924Dazzy Vance, Bklyn262
1925Dazzy Vance, Bklyn221
1926Dazzy Vance, Bklyn140
1927Dazzy Vance, Bklyn184
1928Dazzy Vance, Bklyn200
1929Pat Malone, Chi166
1930Bill Hallahan, St.L177
1931Bill Hallahan, St.L159
1932Dizzy Dean, St.L191
1933Dizzy Dean, St.L199
1934Dizzy Dean, St.L195
1935Dizzy Dean, St.L190
1936Van Lingle Mungo, Bklyn238
1937Carl Hubbell, NY159
1938Clay Bryant, Chi135
1939Claude Passeau, Phi-Chi137
& Bucky Walters, Cin137
1940Kirby Higbe, Phi137
1941John Vander Meer, Cin202
1942John Vander Meer, Cin186
1943John Vander Meer, Cin174
1944Bill Voiselle, NY161
1945Preacher Roe, Pit148
1946Johnny Schmitz, Chi135
1947Ewell Blackwell, Cin193
1948Harry Brecheen, St.L149
1949Warren Spahn, Bos151
1950Warren Spahn, Bos191
1951Don Newcombe, Bklyn164
& Warren Spahn, Bos164
1952Warren Spahn, Bos183
1953Robin Roberts, Phi198
1954Robin Roberts, Phi185
1955Sam Jones, Chi198
1956Sam Jones, Chi176
1957Jack Sanford, Phi188
1958Sam Jones, St.L225
1959Don Drysdale, LA242
1960Don Drysdale, LA246
1961Sandy Koufax, LA269
1962Don Drysdale, LA232
1963Sandy Koufax, LA306
1964Bob Veale, Pit250
1965Sandy Koufax, LA382
1966Sandy Koufax, LA317
1967Jim Bunning, Phi253
1968Bob Gibson, St.L268
1969Ferguson Jenkins, Chi273
1970Tom Seaver, NY283
1971Tom Seaver, NY289
1972Steve Carlton, Phi310
1973Tom Seaver, NY251
1974Steve Carlton, Phi240
1975Tom Seaver, NY243
1976Tom Seaver, NY235
1977Phil Niekro, Atl262
1978J.R. Richard, Hou303
1979J.R. Richard, Hou313
1980Steve Carlton, Phi286
1981F. Valenzuela, LA180
1982Steve Carlton, Phi286
1983Steve Carlton, Phi275
1984Dwight Gooden, NY276
1985Dwight Gooden, NY268
1986Mike Scott, Hou306
1987Nolan Ryan, Hou270
1988Nolan Ryan, Hou228
1989Jose DeLeon, St.L201
1990David Cone, NY233
1991David Cone, NY241
1992John Smoltz, Atl.215
1993Jose Rijo, Cin227
1994Andy Benes, SD189
1995Hideo Nomo, LA236
1996John Smoltz, Atl276
1997Curt Schilling, Phi319
1998Curt Schilling, Phi300
1999Randy Johnson, Ari364
2000Randy Johnson, Ari347
2001Randy Johnson, Ari372
2002Randy Johnson, Ari334
2003Kerry Wood, Chi266
2004Randy Johnson, Ari290

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