1904 Olympics Swimming Medalists

Event   Time
50yd Free Zoltán Halmay, HUN 28.0
  Scott Leary, USA 28.6
  Charles Daniels, USA  
100yd Free Zoltán Halmay, HUN 1:02.8
  Charles Daniels, USA  
  Scott Leary, USA  
220yd Free Charles Daniels, USA 2:44.2
  Francis Gailey, USA 2:46.0
  Emil Rausch, GER 2:56.0
440yd Free Charles Daniels, USA 6:16.2
  Francis Gailey, USA 6:22.0
  Otto Wahle, AUT 6:39.0
880yd Free Emil Rausch, GER 13:11.4
  Francis Gailey, USA 13:23.4
  Géza Kiss, HUN  
Mile Free Emil Rausch, GER 27:18.2
  Géza Kiss, HUN 28:28.2
  Francis Gailey, USA 28:54.0
100yd Back Walter Brack, GER 1:16.8
  Georg Hoffmann, GER 1:18.0
  Georg Zacharias, GER 1:19.6
440yd Brst Georg Zacharias, GER 7:23.6
  Walter Brack, GER 7:33.0
  Jamison Handy, USA  
4x50yd Free USA (Joe Ruddy, Leo Goodwin,
Louis Handle, Charles Daniels)
Note: Halmay won 50-Free in swim-off with Scott Leary of USA.
Diving   Points
Platform George Sheldon, USA 12.66
  Georg Hoffman, GER 11.66
  Frank Nehoe, USA 11.33
  Alfred Braunschweiger, GER 11.33
Plunge   Mark
for Distance William Dickey, USA 62-6
  Edgar Adams, USA 57- 61/2
  Leo Goodwin, USA 57- 01/2


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