Summer 1904 Olympics Leading Medal Winners

Number of individual medals won on the left; gold, silver and bronze breakdown to the right.


6Anton Heida, USAGymnastics5-1-0
6George Eyser, USAGymnastics3-2-1
6Burton Downing, USACycling2-3-1
5Marcus Hurley, USACycling4-0-1
5Charles Daniels, USASwimming3-1-1
5Albertson Van Zo Post, USAFencing2-1-2
5William Merz, USAGymnastics0-1-4
4Jim Lightbody, USATrack/Field3-1-0
4Francis Gailey, USASwimming0-3-1
4Teddy Billington, USACycling0-1-3
4Frank Kungler, USAWeightlifting,
Wrestling & Tug of War
3Ray Ewry, USATrack/Field3-0-0
3Ramn Fonst, CUBFencing3-0-0
3Archie Hahn, USATrack/Field3-0-0
3Harry Hillman, USATrack/Field3-0-0
3Julius Lenhart, AUTGymnastics2-1-0
3George Bryant, USAArchery2-0-1
3Emil Rausch, GERSwimming2-0-1
3Robert Williams, USAArchery1-2-0
3Ralph Rose, USATrack/Field1-1-1
3William Thompson, USAArchery1-0-2
3Charles Tatham, USAFencing0-2-1
3William Hogenson, USATrack/Field0-1-2
3Emil Voigt, USAGymnastics0-1-2


2Lida Howell, USAArchery2-0-0
2Emma Cooke, USAArchery0-2-0
2Jessie Pollack, USAArchery0-0-2

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