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Socinus, Laelius

(Encyclopedia) Socinus, Laelius l?l??s s?s?n?s or Lelio Sozzinil?ly?, 1525?62, Italian religious reformer. After becoming interested in Protestantism, Socinus left Italy in 1544 for the Swiss?

Woods, Leonard

(Encyclopedia) Woods, Leonard, 1774?1854, American Congregational theologian, b. Princeton, Mass. He was prominent in upholding orthodox Calvinistic views in the controversy over Unitarianism as?

Socinus, Faustus

(Encyclopedia) Socinus, Faustus fst?s s?s?n?s or Fausto Sozzinifoust? s?t-ts?n?, 1539?1604, Italian religious reformer, founder of Socinianism. Socinus left the Roman Catholic Church when,?


(Encyclopedia) Socinianism s?s?n??n?z?m, anti-Trinitarian religious movement organized in Poland in the 16th cent. by Faustus Socinus. Antecedents of the movement were such Italian humanist?

Philippine Independent Church

(Encyclopedia) Philippine Independent Church, religious body that separated from the Roman Catholic Church in 1902 and rejected the spiritual authority of the pope. It is known popularly as the?

Frank, Jacob

(Encyclopedia) Frank, Jacob, c.1726?1791, Polish Jewish sectarian and adventurer, b. Podolia as Jacob Ben Judah Leib. He founded the Frankists, a heretical Jewish sect that was an anti-Talmudic?

Ware, Henry

(Encyclopedia) Ware, Henry, 1764?1845, American clergyman, instrumental in the founding of Unitarianism in the United States, b. Sherborn, Mass., grad. Harvard, 1785. As pastor (1787?1805) of the?


(Encyclopedia) Unitarianism, in general, the form of Christianity that denies the doctrine of the Trinity, believing that God exists only in one person. While there were previous antitrinitarian?

Calvin, John

(Encyclopedia) Calvin, John, 1509?64, French Protestant theologian of the Reformation, b. Noyon, Picardy. Early Life Calvin early prepared for an ecclesiastical career; from 1523 to 1528 he studied?