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New-York Historical Society

(Encyclopedia) New-York Historical Society, New York City. Founded in 1804, the society is a repository of art, artifacts, and literature relating to American, especially New York, history. Among its?

Roos, Johann Heinrich

(Encyclopedia) Roos, Johann Heinrich y?hn h?nr?kh r?s, 1631?85, German painter and etcher. He specialized in depicting animals and landscapes and was court painter to Elector Palatine Charles?

Allen, James Lane

(Encyclopedia) Allen, James Lane, 1849?1925, American novelist, b. Lexington, Kentucky. Among his stylized, genteel novels set in his native region are A Kentucky Cardinal (1894), Aftermath (1895),?

Metzinger, Jean

(Encyclopedia) Metzinger, Jean zhN m?ts?Nzh?r, 1883?1956, French painter and writer. With Gleizes he wrote Du cubisme (1912, tr. 1913), which presented the philosophical basis of the cubist?


(Encyclopedia) Shunsho (Katsukawa Shunsho)ktso?okw sho?onsh?, 1726?92, Japanese painter and printmaker. A painter of the ukiyo-e style (see Japanese art), in which costume design and color are?

Hicks, Thomas

(Encyclopedia) Hicks, Thomas, 1823?90, American portrait painter, b. Newtown, Pa. He studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and abroad, where he lived for several years. He settled in?

Prime, Samuel Irenaeus

(Encyclopedia) Prime, Samuel Irenaeus, 1812?85, American Presbyterian clergyman and editor, b. Ballston Spa, N.Y. After holding pastorates at Ballston Spa and Matteawan, N.Y., he became assistant?

Hosack, David

(Encyclopedia) Hosack, David h?s?k, 1769?1835, American physician, surgeon, and author; for a time he was Samuel Bard's partner (see under Bard, John). He was an authority on the management of?

Delaherche, Flix Auguste

(Encyclopedia) Delaherche, Flix Auguste f?l?ks ?gst d?lrsh, 1857?1940, French potter. He is considered the greatest ceramist since Bernard Palissy. Working alone in the village of La Chapelle-?


(Encyclopedia) Ert ?rt?, 1892?1990, French designer and illustrator, b. St. Petersburg as Romain de Tirtoff. He moved to France and worked for a time sketching for Paul Poiret and designing opera?