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(Encyclopedia) march, in music, composition intended to accompany marching. The only constant characteristics of a march are duple meter and a fairly simple rhythmic design. In mood, marches range from the mo...


(Encyclopedia) March: see Morava , river.


(Encyclopedia) March: see month .


(Encyclopedia) Marche märsh [key], region and former province, central France, on the NW margin of the Massif Central . It is coextensive with Creuse dept., much of the Haute-Vienne dept., and parts o...


(Encyclopedia) Marche mär´kā [key] or the Marches, region (1991 pop. 1,429,205), 3,742 sq mi (9,692 sq km), E central Italy, extending from the eastern slopes of the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea. ...


The highest temperature ever recorded for the month of March occurred on March 31, 1954, in Rio Grande City, Tex. (elevation 168 ft), where the temperature reached 108°F. The lowest tempe…

March 2012 Current Events: Business News

U.S. News | World News | Disasters & Science News Here are the key events in business and science news for the month of March 2012. U.S. Economy Holds Steady in Februa…