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(Encyclopedia) Cleveland, former county, NE England, created under the Local Government Act of 1972 (effective 1974). It was composed of the county boroughs of Hartlepool and Teesside and parts of?


(Encyclopedia) Cleveland. 1 City (1990 pop. 505,616), seat of Cuyahoga co., NE Ohio, on Lake Erie at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River; laid out (1796) by Moses Cleaveland, chartered as a city 1836.?

Haywood, William Dudley

(Encyclopedia) Haywood, William Dudley, 1869?1928, American labor leader, known as Big Bill Haywood, b. Salt Lake City, Utah. He began work as a miner at 15 years of age. In 1896 he joined the newly?

East Cleveland

(Encyclopedia) East Cleveland, city (1990 pop. 33,096), Cuyahoga co., NE Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland; inc. 1911. Mostly residential, it has some declining light industry. It is, however, the site of?

Cleveland Heights

(Encyclopedia) Cleveland Heights, city (1990 pop. 54,052), Cuyahoga co., NE Ohio, a residential suburb of Cleveland; inc. 1903. It is known for its beautiful homes and interesting shops. Forest Hills?

Cleveland Orchestra

(Encyclopedia) Cleveland Orchestra, one of the foremost orchestras in the United States. It gave its first performance in 1918 under Nikolai Sokoloff, who was conductor until 1933. In 1931, the?

Haywood, Eliza (Fowler)

(Encyclopedia) Haywood, Eliza (Fowler), 1693??1756, English author. Separated from her husband, she supported herself and her two children by writing plays and novels. Two of her books, Utopia (1725?

Cleveland State University

(Encyclopedia) Cleveland State University, at Cleveland, Ohio; coeducational; founded 1964, incorporating Fenn College (est. 1923). The Cleveland-Marshall School of law was incorporated in 1969. The?

Cleveland, Grover

(Encyclopedia) Cleveland, Grover (Stephen Grover Cleveland), 1837?1908, 22d (1885?89) and 24th (1893?97) President of the United States, b. Caldwell, N.J.; son of a Presbyterian clergyman. Cleveland?

Cleveland, James

(Encyclopedia) Cleveland, James, 1931?91, African-American gospel singer, composer, and arranger, b. Chicago. Known as the King of Gospel, he was renowned for his rough baritone voice. He?