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Mauna Kea

(Encyclopedia)Mauna Kea mouˈnə kāˈə [key], dormant volcano, 13,796 ft (4,205 m) high, in the south central part of the island of Hawaii. It is the loftiest peak in the Hawaiian Islands and the highest island m...

Mauna Kea Observatories

(Encyclopedia)Mauna Kea Observatories mouˈnə kāˈə [key], astronomical observatory complex located on Mauna Kea peak, the “white mountain” on the island of Hawaii, at an altitude of more than 13,600 ft (4,1...

Hawaii, island, United States

(Encyclopedia)Hawaii, island (2020 pop. 200, 629), 4,037 sq mi (10,456 sq km), largest and southernmost island of the state of Hawaii and coextensive with Hawaii co.;...

California Institute of Technology

(Encyclopedia)California Institute of Technology, at Pasadena, Calif.; originally for men, became coeducational in 1970; founded 1891 as Throop Polytechnic Institute; called Throop College of Technology, 1913–20....


(Encyclopedia)Hilo hēˈlō [key], city (2020 pop. 44,186), seat of Hawaii co., on Hilo Bay of Hawaii islan...

Mauna Loa

(Encyclopedia)Mauna Loa mouˈnə lōˈə [key], volcano, 13,680 ft (4,170 m) high, in the S central part of the island of Hawaii, in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the largest active volcano in the world. Its seve...


(Encyclopedia)Keos, Greece: see Kéa.


(Encyclopedia)Ceos, Greece: see Kéa.


(Encyclopedia)Zea, Greece: see Kéa.


(Encyclopedia)Iulis, ancient Greece: see Kéa.

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