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(Encyclopedia) Hawaiian, member of the Polynesian group of the Austronesian family of languages. Of the fewer than 10,000 people who speak Hawaiian, only a few hundred are native speakers, but the?

The Hawaiian Word for "Rainbow"

The Question: I'm trying to find the Hawaiian term for rainbow. I seem to be looking at all the wrong sites. I hope you can help me. The Answer?

Asian Food Primer: Hawaiian Food

by David Johnson Asian Foods Guide Common ingredients and popular dishes of various cultures. IntroductionEast Asia ChinaJapanKoreaMongoliaTibetPacific Region FijiHawaii Papua New?

Bingham, Hiram

(Encyclopedia) Bingham, Hiram, 1789?1869, American Congregationalist missionary, b. Bennington, Vt. In 1819 the American Board of Missions sent him, with others, to found the first Protestant mission?

Kalanianole, Honah Kuhio

(Encyclopedia) Kalanianole, Honah Kuhio h?n ko?oh?? kln??n?l?, 1871?1922, delegate to U.S. Congress from the Territory of Hawaii. He was educated in Hawaii, the United States, and England and?


(Encyclopedia) Pele p?l?, Hawaiian goddess of the volcano. Her traditional home is Halemaumau, the fiery pit crater within the Kilauea caldera on the island of Hawaii.

Andrews, Lorrin

(Encyclopedia) Andrews, Lorrin, 1795?1868, American missionary to the Hawaiian Islands, b. present-day Vernon, Conn., grad. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1825. He founded (1831) on Maui a training?

Judd, Gerrit Parmele

(Encyclopedia) Judd, Gerrit Parmele, 1803?73, missionary and statesman, b. Paris, N.Y. He arrived in Hawaii as a medical missionary. He ended his mission service in 1842 and became a Hawaiian?

Papah?naumoku?kea Marine National Monument

(Encyclopedia) Papah?naumoku?kea Marine National Monument, 582,578 sq mi (1,508,870 sq km), in the Pacific Ocean surrounding the NW Hawaiian Islands, c.270 mi (435 km) NW of Oahu; est. 2006 as?