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Walton, Izaak

(Encyclopedia) Walton, Izaak, 1593?1683, English writer. He wrote one of the most famous books in the English language, The Compleat Angler; or, the Contemplative Man's Recreation. The first?


(Encyclopedia) Hoddesdon h?dzd?n, city (1991 pop. 37,960), Hertfordshire, E central England. A residential suburb of London, Hoddesdon has light industries and horticultural works. Broxbourne Woods?

Cotton, Charles

(Encyclopedia) Cotton, Charles, 1630?87, English author. He is chiefly remembered for his contribution to his friend Izaak Walton's Compleat Angler (5th ed. 1676). His pleasant, unaffected verse?

Huysmans, Jacob

(Encyclopedia) Huysmans, Jacob yk?p hoismns, c.1633?1696, Flemish portrait painter. In the reign of Charles II he settled in England, where he became one of the fashionable painters of the court?


(Encyclopedia) Dove d?v, river, c.40 mi (60 km) long, rising in the Pennines, Derbyshire, central England, and flowing S and SE to the River Trent near Burton upon Trent. It forms much of the?

Brewer's: Walton

An Izaak Wallon. One devoted to ?the gentle craft? of angling. Izaak Walton wrote a book called The Complete Angler, or Contemplative Man's Recreation?


(Encyclopedia) Stafford, city (1991 pop. 60,915) and district, Staffordshire, W central England, on the Sow River, above its junction with the Trent. Stafford's chief industry is the manufacture?

Wotton, Sir Henry

(Encyclopedia) Wotton, Sir Henry, 1568?1639, English poet and diplomat, b. Kent. He was secretary to the earl of Essex and later became a favorite of James I, who knighted him and appointed him?

Hooker, Richard

(Encyclopedia) Hooker, Richard, 1554??1600, English theologian and clergyman of the Church of England. He studied and lectured at Oxford and preached at Drayton-Beauchamp, Buckinghamshire; at the?


(Encyclopedia) Winchester w?nch?st?r, city and district (1991 pop. 34,127), county seat of Hampshire, S central England. Winchester was called Caer Gwent by the Britons, Venta Belgarum by the Romans?