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Umberto Eco

Before he was a best-selling novelist, Umberto Eco's reputation rested on his academic writings on language and semiotics (the study of symbols). An Italian critic, philosopher and historian…

Eco, Umberto

(Encyclopedia) Eco, UmbertoEco, Umbertoəmbĕrˈtō ĕcō [key], 1932–2016, Italian novelist, essayist, and semiotics scholar. His first novel, the best-selling Il nome della rosa (1980; tr. The Name of…

Giordano, Umberto

(Encyclopedia) Giordano, UmbertoGiordano, Umberto&oomacr;mbĕrˈtō [key]Giordano, Umberto jōrdäˈnō [key], 1867–1948, Italian operatic composer. His most famous work is the richly melodic Andrea…

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(Encyclopedia) recession: see depression.

Borghese Villa

(Encyclopedia) Borghese VillaBorghese Villabōrgāˈzā vēlˈlä [key] or Villa Umberto IVilla Umberto Ivēlˈlä &oomacr;mbĕrˈtō prēˈmō [key], summer palace built by Scipione Cardinal Borghese outside…


(Encyclopedia) Umberto. For Italian kings so named, use Humbert.