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pond scum

(Encyclopedia) pond scum, accumulation of floating green algae on the surface of stagnant or slowly moving waters, such as ponds and reservoirs. One of the commonest forms is Spirogyra.

Ostend Manifesto

(Encyclopedia) Ostend Manifesto, document drawn up in Oct., 1854, at Ostend, Belgium, by James Buchanan, American minister to Great Britain, John Y. Mason, minister to France, and Pierre Soul,?

Brewer's: Ostend' Manifesto

A declaration made in 1857 by the Ministers of the United States in England, France, and Spain, ?that Cuba must belong to the United States.? Source: Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, E.?

Robert Haven Schauffler: Scum o' the Earth

Scum o' the EarthRobert Haven SchaufflerIAt the gate of the West I stand, On the isle where the nations throng. We call them "scum o' the earth";Stay, are we doing you wrong, Young fellow?

Valerie Solanas

Valerie Solanas shot the artist Andy Warhol in a fit of crazed anger on June 3, 1968. A radical feminist and sometime acquaintance of Warhol, Solanas had previously written the S.C.U.M. Manifesto,?

Seifert, Jaroslav

(Encyclopedia) Seifert, Jaroslav, 1901?86, Czech poet. Starting as a revolutionary proletarian poet, Seifert soon began to emphasize fantasy and enchantment as antidotes to modern technological?


(Encyclopedia) cyanobacteria s???n?b?kt?r??, s?-?n??? or blue-green algae, photosynthetic bacteria that contain chlorophyll. For many years they were classified in the plant kingdom along with algae?

Guchkov, Aleksandr Ivanovich

(Encyclopedia) Guchkov, Aleksandr Ivanovich ?ly?ksnd?r ?vn?v?ch go?ochkf, 1862?1936, Russian political leader. A prominent businessman, during the 1905 revolution he helped found the Octobrist?


(Encyclopedia) eutrophication yo?otr??f?k?sh?n, aging of a lake by biological enrichment of its water. In a young lake the water is cold and clear, supporting little life. With time, streams?

sulfonic acid

(Encyclopedia) sulfonic acid s?lf?n?k, organic compound containing the functional group RSO2OH, which consists of a sulfur atom, S, bonded to a carbon atom that may be part of a large aliphatic or?