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Fifty-four forty or fight

(Encyclopedia) Fifty-four forty or fight, in U.S. history, phrase commonly used by extremists in the controversy with Great Britain over the Oregon country. The rights of the United States, they?

Russian American Company

(Encyclopedia) Russian American Company, colonial trading company, chartered by Czar Paul I in 1799. The charter granted the merchant-dominated company monopoly trading privileges in Russian America?

Rezanov, Nikolai Petrovich

(Encyclopedia) Rezanov, Nikolai Petrovich ny?k?l? p?trvch ry?zn?f, 1764?1807, Russian trader, an official of the Russian American Company. In 1803 he headed an expedition that aimed to go?


(Encyclopedia) Sitka s?tk?, city (1990 pop. 8,588), Sitka census div., SE Alaska, in the Alexander Archipelago, on Baranof Island; inc. 1971. Fishing, its first industry, remains important; salmon,?


Capital: Juneau State abbreviation/Postal code: Alaska/AK Governor: Bill Walker, Independent(to Dec. 2018) Lieut. Governor: Byron Mallott, D(to Dec. 2018) Senators: Dan Sullivan, R (to Jan.?