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(Encyclopedia) Quanzhou chwnj?, formerly Tsinkiangch?njyng, ts?nkyng, town (1994 est. pop. 207,800), SE Fujian prov., China, on an inlet of Taiwan Strait. Local handicrafts, machine tools,?

Shaw, Run Run

(Encyclopedia) Shaw, Run Run, 1907?2014, Chinese film mogul, best known of the six Shaw brothers who founded an Asian movie empire. In Shanghai, he and his elder brother Runme Shaw made their first?

Triad Society

(Encyclopedia) Triad Society, name given to a number of Chinese antidynastic secret societies by 19th-century Western observers. Most of these groups claimed descent from the Heaven and Earth Society?


(Encyclopedia) Fujian fo?oj??n or Fukienfo?ok??n, province (2010 pop. 36,894,216), c.48,000 sq mi (124,352 sq km), SE China, on Taiwan Strait. The capital is Fuzhou. The climate is warm and very?


(Encyclopedia) Guangdong or Kwangtungboth: gwngdo?ong, province (2010 pop. 104,303,132), c.76,000 sq mi (196,891 sq km), S China. The capital is Guangzhou. On coastal islands and adjacent mainland?

Sun Yat-sen

(Encyclopedia) Sun Yat-sen so?on yt-s?n, Mandarin Sun Wen, 1866?1925, Chinese revolutionary. He was born near Guangzhou into a farm-owning family. He attended (1879?82) an Anglican boys school in?

Ethnicity and Race by Countries

The people of the world (and how they're counted) Every country on earth, no matter how isolated, has some ethnic diversity; the mingling of people from more than one ethnic group. We usually talk?

Ethnicity and Race by Countries

Find the ethnic and racial composition of every country in the world, listed alphabetically. Afghanistan Pashtun 42%, Tajik 27%, Hazara 9%, Uzbek 9%, Aimaks 4%, Turkmen 3%, Baloch 2%, others 4?