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Hughes, John Ceiriog

(Encyclopedia) Hughes, John Ceiriog, 1832?87, Welsh lyric poet. By restoring simplicity of diction and emotional sincerity, he did for Welsh poetry what Wordsworth and Coleridge did for English?

Hughes, Ted

(Encyclopedia) Hughes, Ted (Edward James Hughes), 1930?98, English poet, b. Mytholmyroyd, Yorkshire, studied Cambridge. Hughes's best poetry focuses on the unsentimental within nature. His poems?

Hughes, Langston

(Encyclopedia) Hughes, Langston (James Langston Hughes), 1902?67, American poet and central figure of the Harlem Renaissance, b. Joplin, Mo., grad. Lincoln Univ., 1929. He worked at a variety of jobs?

Hughes, Howard Robard

(Encyclopedia) Hughes, Howard Robard, 1905?76, U.S. business executive, b. Houston. As a young man he inherited (1925) the patent rights to an oil tool drill, which, manufactured by the Hughes Tool?

Hughes, Thomas

(Encyclopedia) Hughes, Thomas, 1822?96, English author. A lawyer, Hughes eventually became a judge; he was also a Liberal member of Parliament and worked assiduously for social reforms. His novel of?

Hughes, Richard

(Encyclopedia) Hughes, Richard, 1900?1976, English novelist. After graduating from Oxford in 1922, he helped found the Portmadoc Players and was for a time vice president of the Welsh National?

Hughes, Charles Evans

(Encyclopedia) Hughes, Charles Evans hyo?oz, 1862?1948, American statesman and jurist, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1910?16), U.S. secretary of state (1921?25), and 11th chief justice?

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

(Encyclopedia) Howard Hughes Medical Institute, (HHMI), nonprofit medical research organization founded in 1953 by Howard Hughes and largly funded from proceeds of the 1984?85 sale of Hughes Aircraft?

Welsh literature

(Encyclopedia) Welsh literature, literary writings in the Welsh language. Early Works The earliest Welsh literature is preserved in about half a dozen manuscripts written with one exception after?