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Hiram BINGHAM, Congress, CT (1875-1956)

Senate Years of Service: 1925-1933 Party: Republican BINGHAM Hiram , a Senator from Connecticut; born in Honolulu, Hawaii, November 19, 1875; educated at Punahou School and Oahu College, Hawaii,?

Bingham, Hiram

(Encyclopedia) Bingham, Hiram, 1831?1908, American Congregationalist missionary, b. Honolulu; son of Hiram Bingham (1789?1869). In 1857 he founded a mission on Abaiang in the Gilbert Islands (now?


(Encyclopedia) Choquequirao [Quechua,=cradle of gold], Inca site in Peru, about 95 mi (155 km) W of Cuzco. Lying at 9,950 ft (3,030 m), in the spurs of the Salkantay mountain range above the Apurmac?

Bingham, Hiram

(Encyclopedia) Bingham, Hiram, 1875?1956, American archaeologist, historian, and statesman, b. Honolulu; son of Hiram Bingham (1831?1908). He was educated at Yale (B.A., 1898), the Univ. of?

Machu Picchu

(Encyclopedia) Machu Picchu mcho?o p?kcho?o, Inca site in Peru, about 50 mi (80 km) NW of Cuzco. It is perched high upon a rock in a narrow saddle between two sharp mountain peaks and overlooks?

Honolulu, Hawaii

Mayor: Kirk Caldwell (to Jan. 2017)2010 census population (rank):1 337,256 (53); Male: 192,781 (49.3%); Female: 197,957 (50.7%); White: 76,145 (19.5%); Black: 5,718 (1.6%); American Indian?