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Hakluyt, Richard

(Encyclopedia) Hakluyt, Richard h?klo?ot, h?k?lw?t, 1552??1616, English geographer. He graduated in 1574 from Oxford, where he later lectured on geography. A passionate interest in the history of?

Lane, Sir Ralph

(Encyclopedia) Lane, Sir Ralph, c.1530?1603, leader of the first attempted English settlement in America, on Roanoke Island, N.C. Sent by Sir Walter Raleigh, the expedition of over 100 colonists left?

Purchas, Samuel

(Encyclopedia) Purchas, Samuel prk?s, ?ch?s, 1577??1626, English clergyman and compiler of travel literature, b. Essex. Chaplain to the archbishop of Canterbury, he later was rector of St. Martin?

Laudonnire, Ren Goulaine de

(Encyclopedia) Laudonnire, Ren Goulaine de r?n? go?ol?n d? l?dny?r, fl. 1562?82, French colonizer in Florida. After accompanying Jean Ribaut on the first French expedition to Florida (1562), he?


(Encyclopedia) Ohthere ?th?r?, fl. 880, Norse explorer. His account of his voyage around the North Cape, along Lapland, and into the White Sea was incorporated by Alfred the Great in the?

Shirley, Sir Anthony

(Encyclopedia) Shirley or Sherley, Sir Anthony, 1565?1636?, English adventurer. He fought in the Netherlands (1586) under the earl of Leicester and in France (1591) under the earl of Essex, who?

Valle, Pietro della

(Encyclopedia) Valle, Pietro della py?tr? d?ll vll?, 1586?1652, Italian traveler in Asia. He sailed (1614) from Venice; spent a year in Constantinople, where he studied Turkish and Arabic; then?

Leo Africanus

(Encyclopedia) Leo Africanus ?fr?k?n?s, c.1465?1550, Moorish traveler in Africa and the Middle East. His Arabic name was Al-Hasan ibn Muhammad. Captured by pirates, he was sent as a slave to Pope?

Bry, Thodore de

(Encyclopedia) Bry, Thodore de t??dr d? br?, br?, 1528?98, Flemish engraver and publisher, b. Lige. He spent most of his life in Frankfurt-am-Main. He visited London, where he executed a series?

Strachey, William

(Encyclopedia) Strachey, William, 1572?1621, English colonial historian; educated at Cambridge. In 1609 he sailed to Virginia with Sir Thomas Gates. A storm wrecked his ship in the Bermudas, and the?