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Hartmann von Aue

(Encyclopedia) Hartmann von Aue hrtmn f?n ou?, c.1170?c.1220, German poet whose name is also spelled von Ouwe. His chivalric romances Erec and Iwain are tales of Arthurian legend. Other works?


(Encyclopedia) Bayard b??rd, Ital. Baiardobyrd?, in chivalric romance, a bay horse, remarkable for his spirit and for his unique ability to fit his size to his rider. He appears in the 12th-?

Folengo, Teofilo

(Encyclopedia) Folengo, Teofilo t?f?l? f?l?ngg?, 1496?1544, Italian burlesque poet, who used the pseudonym Merlinus Cocaius or Merlino Cocajo. A Benedictine monk, he left (c.1515) his monastery to?


(Encyclopedia) allegory, in literature, symbolic story that serves as a disguised representation for meanings other than those indicated on the surface. The characters in an allegory often have no?


(Encyclopedia) parody, mocking imitation in verse or prose of a literary work. The following poem by Robert Southey was parodied by Lewis Carroll: You are old, Father William, the young man cried;?


(Encyclopedia) Saladin s?l?d?n, Arabic Salah ad-Din, 1137??1193, Muslim warrior and Ayyubid sultan of Egypt, the great opponent of the Crusaders, b. Mesopotamia, of Kurdish descent. He lived for 10?

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de

(Encyclopedia) Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de s?rv?nt?z, Span. m?g?l d? th?rvnt?s s?v??r, 1547?1616, Spanish novelist, dramatist, and poet, author of Don Quixote de la Mancha, b. Alcal de?

Icelandic literature

(Encyclopedia) Icelandic literature, the literature of Iceland. For the earliest literature of Iceland, see Old Norse literature. Early Writings With Iceland's loss of political independence (?

Arthurian legend

(Encyclopedia) Arthurian legend, the mass of legend, popular in medieval lore, concerning King Arthur of Britain and his knights. Medieval Sources The battle of Mt. Badon?in which, according to the?