William Shakespeare: Richard III, Dramatis Personae

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Dramatis Personae

  • King Edward The Fourth

Sons to the King.

  • Edward, Prince of Wales, afterwards King Edward V.
  • Richard, Duke of York

Brothers to the King.

  • George, Duke of Clarence
  • Richard, Duke of Gloucester, afterwards King Richard III.


  • A young son of Clarence.
  • Henry, Earl of Richmond, afterwards King Henry VII.
  • Cardinal Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • Thomas Rotherham, Archbishop of York.
  • John Morton, Bishop of Ely.
  • Duke of Buckingham
  • Duke of Norfolk
  • Earl of Surrey, His son.
  • Earl Rivers, Brother to Elizabeth.

Sons to Elizabeth.

  • Marquis of Dorset
  • Lord Grey


  • Earl of Oxford
  • Lord Hastings
  • Lord Stanley, Called also Earl of Derby.
  • Lord Lovel
  • Sir Thomas Vaughan
  • Sir Richard Ratcliff
  • Sir William Catesby
  • Sir James Tyrrel
  • Sir James Blount
  • Sir Walter Herbert
  • Sir Robert Brakenbury, Lieutenant of the Tower.
  • Christopher Urswick, A priest.
  • Another Priest.

Gentlemen Attending on the Lady Anne.

  • Tressel
  • Berkeley


  • Lord Mayor of London.
  • Sheriff of Wiltshire.
  • Elizabeth, Queen to King Edward IV.
  • Margaret, Widow of King Henry VI.
  • Duchess of York, Mother to King Edward IV.
  • Lady Anne, Widow of Edward Prince of Wales, son to King Henry VI; afterwards married to Richard.
  • A young Daughter of Clarence [Margaret Plantagenet]
  • Ghosts of those murdered by Richard III., Lords and other Attendants; a Pursuivant Scrivener, Citizens, Murderers, Messengers Soldiers, &c.



King Richard III

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