William Shakespeare: Henry VI (Pt 3), Dramatis Personae

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Dramatis Personae

  • King Henry, the Sixth.
  • Edward, Prince of Wales, his son.
  • King Lewis XI, King of France.
  • Duke of Somerset
  • Duke of Exeter
  • Earl of Oxford
  • Earl of Northumberland
  • Earl of Westmoreland
  • Lord Clifford
  • Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York.

His Sons.

  • Edward, Earl of March, afterwards King Edward IV.
  • Edmund, Earl of Rutland.
  • George, afterwards Duke of
  • Clarence.
  • Richard afterwards Duke of
  • Gloucester.


  • Duke of Norfolk
  • Marquess of Montague
  • Earl of Warwick
  • Earl of Pembroke
  • Lord Hastings
  • Lord Stafford

Uncles to the Duke of York.

  • Sir John Mortimer
  • Sir Hugh Mortimer


  • Henry, Earl of Richmond, a youth.
  • Lord Rivers, brother to Lady Grey.
  • Sir William Stanley
  • Sir John Montgomery
  • Sir John Somerville
  • Tutor to Rutland.
  • Mayor of York.
  • Lieutenant of the Tower.
  • A Nobleman.
  • Two Keepers.
  • A Huntsman.
  • A Son that has killed his father.
  • A Father that has killed his son.
  • Queen Margaret
  • Lady Grey, afterwards Queen to Edward IV.
  • Bona, sister to the French Queen.
  • Soldiers, Attendants, Messengers, Watchmen, &c.


England and France.

3 King Henry VI

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