William Shakespeare: Cymbeline, Dramatis Personae

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Dramatis Personae

  • Cymbeline, king of Britain.
  • Cloten, son to the Queen by a former husband.
  • Posthumus Leonatus, a gentleman, husband to Imogen.
  • Belarius, a banished lord, disguised under the name of Morgan.

sons to Cymbeline, disguised under the names of Polydote and Cadwal, supposed sons to Morgan.

  • Guiderius
  • Arviragus


  • Philario, friend to Posthumus
  • Iachimo, friend to Philario


  • Caius Lucius, general of the Roman forces.
  • Pisanio, servant to Posthumus.
  • Cornelius, a physician.
  • A Roman Captain.
  • Two British Captains.
  • A Frenchman, friend to Philario.
  • Two Lords of Cymbeline's court.
  • Two Gentlemen of the same.
  • Two Gaolers.
  • Queen, wife to Cymbeline.
  • Imogen, daughter to Cymbeline by a former queen.
  • Helen, a lady attending on Imogen.
  • Lords, Ladies, Roman Senators, Tribunes, a Soothsayer, a Dutchman, a Spaniard, Musicians, Officers, Captains, Soldiers, Messengers, and other Attendants.
  • Apparitions.


Britain; Rome.


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