E.G. Marshall

Date Of Birth:
18 June 1914
Date Of Death:
24 August 1998
Place Of Birth:
Owatonna, Minnesota

Name at birth: Everett Gunnar Marshall

Playing doctors, lawyers and politicians, E.G. Marshall was active in film and on stage from the 1940s until his death five decades later. After a start in radio and theater, E.G. Marshall had his first small movie role as a morgue attendant in The House on 92nd Street in 1945. Although he had many film credits, including a memorable turn in 12 Angry Men with Henry Fonda in 1957, Marshall was primarly a workhorse on television. He was most recognized for his leading roles in The Defenders (1961-65) and The New Doctors (1969-73). In the 1970s, Marshall hosted the CBS Radio Mystery Theater, where he was known for his scarifying closing line, "Until next time, pleasant... dreeeams?"

Extra Credit:

Marshall was coy about his real name; some sources say his birth name was Everett Grunz.

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