The Triple Crown Challenge (1987-93)

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Seeking to make the Triple Crown more than just a media event and to insure that owners would not be attracted to more lucrative races, officials at Churchill Downs, the Maryland Jockey Club and the New York Racing Association created Triple Crown Productions in 1985 and announced that a $1 million bonus would be given to the horse that performs best in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. Furthermore, a bonus of $5 million would be presented to any horse winning all three races.

Revised in 1991, the rules stated that the winning horse must: 1. finish all three races; 2. earn points by finishing first, second, third or fourth in at least one of the three races; and 3. earn the highest number of points based on the following system–10 points to win, five to place, three to show and one to finish fourth. In the event of a tie, the $1 million is distributed equally among the top point-getters. From 1987-90, the system was five points to win, three to place and one to show. The Triple Crown Challenge was discontinued in 1994.

Year KD PS BS Pts
1987 1 Bet Twice 2nd 2nd 1st—11
2 Alysheba 1st 1st 4th—10
3 Cryptoclearance 4th 3rd 2nd—4
1988 1 Risen Star 3rd 1st 1st—11
2 Winning Colors 1st 3rd 6th—6
3 Brian's Time 6th 2nd 3rd—4
1989 1 Sunday Silence 1st 1st 2nd—13
2 Easy Goer 2nd 2nd 1st—11
3 Hawkster 5th 5th 5th—0
1990 1 Unbridled 1st 2nd 4th—8
2 Summer Squall 2nd 1st DNR—8
3 Go and Go DNR DNR 1st—5
(Unbridled was only horse to run all three races.)
1991 1 Hansel 10th 1st 1st—20
2 Strike the Gold 1st 6th 2nd—15
3 Mane Minister 3rd 3rd 3rd—9
1992 1 Pine Bluff 5th 1st 3rd—13
2 Casual Lies 2nd 3rd 5th—8
(No other horses ran all three races.)
1993 1 Sea Hero 1st 5th 7th—10
2 Wild Gale 3rd 8th 3rd—6
(No other horses ran all three races.)

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