Light Heavyweight

1903 Jack Root,
George Gardner
1903?05 Bob Fitzsimmons
1905?12 Philadelphia Jack O'Brien1
1912?16 Jack Dillon
1916?20 Battling Levinsky
1920?22 Georges Carpentier
1923 Battling Siki
1923?25 Mike McTigue
1925?26 Paul Berlenbach
1926?27 Jack Delaney2
1927 Mike McTigue
1927?29 Tommy Loughran
1930 Jimmy Slattery
1930?34 Maxie Rosenbloom
1934?35 Bob Olin
1935?39 John Henry Lewis
1939 Melio Bettina
1939?41 Billy Conn2
1941 Anton Christoforidis (NBA)
1941?48 Gus Lesnevich
1948?50 Freddie Mills
1950?52 Joey Maxim
1952?61 Archie Moore3
1961?63 Harold Johnson
1963?65 Willie Pastrano
1965?66 Jos Torres
1966?67 Dick Tiger
1968 Dick Tiger, Bob Foster
1969?70 Bob Foster
1971 Vicente Rondon (WBA),
Bob Foster (WBC)
1972?73 Bob Foster (WBA, WBC)
1974 John Conteh (WBA),
Bob Foster (WBC)1,4
1975?76 Victor Galindez (WBA),
John Conteh (WBC)
1977 Victor Galindez (WBA),
John Conteh (WBC),4
Miguel Cuello (WBC)
1978 Victor Galindez (WBA),
Mike Rossman (WBA),
Miguel Cuello (WBC),
Mate Parlov (WBC),
Marvin Johnson (WBC)
1979 Mike Rossman (WBA),
Victor Galindez (WBA),
Marvin Johnson (WBC),
Matthew (Franklin) Saad Muhammad (WBC)
1980 Matthew Saad Muhammad (WBC),
Marvin Johnson (WBA),
Eddie (Gregory) Mustafa Muhammad (WBA)
1981 Matthew Saad Muhammad (WBC),
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad (WBA),
Michael Spinks (WBA),
Dwight Braxton (WBC)
1982 Dwight Braxton (WBC),
Michael Spinks (WBA)
1983 Michael Spinks (undisputed)
1984 Michael Spinks (undisputed)
1985 Michael Spinks (undisputed)5
1986 Marvin Johnson (WBA),
Dennis Andries (WBC)
1987 Thomas Hearns (WBC),
Virgil Hill (WBA),
Bobby Czyz (IBF)
1988 Charles Williams (IBF),
Virgil Hill (WBA),
Donny LaLonde (WBC),
Sugar Ray Leonard (WBC)
1989 Dennis Andries (WBC),
Virgil Hill (WBA),
Charles Williams (IBF),
Jeff Harding (WBC)
1990 Virgil Hill (WBA),
Charles Williams (IBF),
Jeff Harding (WBC),
Dennis Andries (WBC)
1991 Virgil Hill (WBA),
Thomas Hearns (WBA),
Dennis Andries (WBC),
Charles Williams (IBF)
1992 Charles Williams (IBF),
James Waring (IBF),
Jeff Harding (WBC)
1993 Virgil Hill (WBA),
Jeff Harding (WBC),
Henry Maske (IBF)
1994 Virgil Hill (WBA),
Mike McCallum (WBC),
Henry Maske (IBF)
1995 Virgil Hill (WBA),
Fabio Tiozzo (WBC),
Henry Maske (IBF)
1996?97 Virgil Hill (WBA),
Fabio Tiozzo (WBC),
Henry Maske (IBF)
1998Roy Jones (WBA, WBC),
Reggie Johnson (IBF)
Roy Jones (WBA, WBC, IBF)
2002Bruno Girard (WBA),
Roy Jones (WBC, IBF)
2003Vacant (WBA), Antonio Tarver (WBC, IBF)
2004Antonio Tarver (WBC), Fabrice Tiozzo (WBA), Glen Johnson (IBF)
2005Tomasz Adamek(WBC), Fabrice Tiozzo (WBA), Clinton Woods (IBF)
1. Retired. 2. Abandoned title. 3. NBA withdrew recognition in 1961, New York Commission in 1962; recognized thereafter only by California and Europe. 4. WBC withdrew recognition. 5. Spinks relinquished title in 1985 to fight for heavyweight title.

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