1867?72 Tom Chandler
1872?81 George Rooke
1881?82 Mike Donovan1
1884?91 Jack (Nonpareil) Dempsey
1891?97 Bob Fitzsimmons2
1908 Stanley Ketchel,
Billy Papke
1908?10 Stanley Ketchel3
1913 Frank Klaus
1913?14 George Chip
1914?17 Al McCoy
1917?20 Mike O'Dowd
1920?23 Johnny Wilson
1923?26 Harry Greb
1926 Tiger Flowers
1926?31 Mickey Walker2
1931?41 Gorilla Jones, Ben Jeby, Marcel Thil, Lou Brouillard, Vince Dundee, Teddy Yarosz, Babe Risko, Freddy Steele, Al Hostak, Solly Kreiger, Fred Apostoli, Cerferino Garcia, Ken Overlin, Billy Soose, Tony Zale4
1941?47 Tony Zale
1947?48 Rocky Graziano
1948 Tony Zale
1948?49 Marcel Cerdan
1949?51 Jake LaMotta
1951?52 Ray Robinson1
1952 Ray Robinson,
Randy Turpin
1953?55 Carl Olson
1955?57 Ray Robinson5
1957 Gene Fullmer,
Ray Robinson
1957?58 Carmen Basilio
1958?60 Ray Robinson6
1959?62 Gene Fullmer (NBA)
1960?61 Paul Pender7
1961?62 Terry Downes1
1962 Paul Pender1
1962?63 Dick Tiger
1963?65 Joey Giardello
1965?66 Dick Tiger
1966 Emile Griffith
1967 Nino Benvenuti,
Emile Griffith
1968 Emile Griffith,
Nino Benvenuti
1969 Nino Benvenuti
1970 Nino Benvenuti,
Carlos Monzon
1971?73 Carlos Monzon
1974?75 Carlos Monzon (WBA),
Rodrigo Valdez (WBC)
1976 Carlos Monzon (WBA, WBC),
Rodrigo Valdez (WBC)
1977 Carlos Monzon (WBA, WBC),1
Rodrigo Valdez (WBA, WBC)
1978 Rodrigo Valdez,
Hugo Corro
1979 Hugo Corro,
Vito Antuofermo
1980 Vito Antuofermo,
Alan Minter,
Marvin Hagler
1981 Marvin Hagler
1982?86 Marvin Hagler (undisputed)
1987 Marvin Hagler (undisputed),
Sugar Ray Leonard (undisputed)
1988 Sumbu Kalambay (WBA),
Thomas Hearns (WBC),
Iran Barkley (WBC),
Frank Tate (IBF),
Michael Nunn (IBF),
James Kinchen (NABF)
1989 Michael Nunn (IBF),
Mike McCallum (WBA),
Iran Barkley (WBC),
Roberto Duran (WBC)
1990 Michael McCallum (WBA),
Michael Nunn (IBF),
Iran Barkley (WBC)
1991 Michael Nunn (IBF),
James Toney (IBF),
Michael McCallum (WBA)
1992 James Toney (IBF),
Julian Jackson (WBC),
Reggie Johnson (WBA)
1993 Reggie Johnson (WBA),
Gerald McClellan (WBA),
Roy Jones (IBF)
1994 Julian Jackson (WBA),
Gerald McClellan (WBA),
Roy Jones (IBF)
1995 Jorge Castro (WBA),
Julian Jackson (WBC),
Bernard Hopkins (IBF)
1996 William Joppy (WBA),
Keith Holmes (WBC),
Bernard Hopkins (IBF)
1997Shinji Takehara (WBA),
Quincy Taylor (WBC),
Bernard Hopkins (IBF)
1998William Joppy (WBA),
Hassine Cherifi (WBC),
Bernard Hopkins (IBF)
William Joppy (WBA),
Keith Holmes (WBC),
Bernard Hopkins (IBF)
2001Felix Trinidad (WBA),
Bernard Hopkins (WBC, IBF)
2002William Joppy (WBA),
Bernard Hopkins (WBC, IBF)
2003?04Bernard Hopkins (WBA, WBC, IBF)
2005Maselino Masoe (WBA), Jermain Taylor (WBC, IBF)
1. Retired.
2. Abandoned title.
3. Died.
4. National Boxing Association and New York Commission disagreed on champions. Those listed were accepted by one or the other until Zale gained world-wide recognition.
5. Ended retirement in 1954.
6. NBA withdrew recognition.
7. Recognized by New York, Massachusetts, and Europe.

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