Algebra: Graphing Linear Equations

Graphing Linear Equations

The fact that I am a horrible artist is a running joke with me. Although I am pleased with my understanding of math, I would give my left arm for the ability to draw something as meaningless as a realistic-looking chicken. (My feeble attempts at a chicken scratch would probably end up looking something like a polar bear balanced on top of a four-slot restaurant toaster.)

Luckily, mathematical drawings are much more technical (read: boring) than creative drawings. In this section, I will focus on drawing mathematical graphs€”pictures of things like equations, but not things like arctic animals or food service appliances. In fact, by the end of this section, you'll be able to draw pictures of linear equations, whose graphs are plain old straight lines. Nothing's easier to draw than a straight line, right? (Even though my attempts to draw straight lines rather look like drawings of chickens.)

CIG Algebra

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