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(c) Joe Tucciarone
Meaning of Name:“different or strange lizard”
Period: Jurassic Period (205 million to 138 million years ago)
Size: 5 - 10 meters long
Weight: 1 - 5 metric tons
Location: Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, S. Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Tanzania, and Australia

So many dinosaur specimens have been excavated in the United States that any number of species could qualify for the title of Most All-American. Excavation sites such as Morrison and Canon City, Colorado, and Como Bluff, Wyoming, have yielded some of the most important dinosaur discoveries. But our vote goes to the Allosaurus. The original Allosaurus bones were found at the Morrison site in Colorado, and most of the more than sixty other skeletons that have been excavated were found in the United States. A few Allosaurus discoveries in Tanzania and Australia have added an exotic dimension to its character. Considering that some dinosaur species are identified by little more than a tooth or a few vertebrae, the uncovering of such a large number of skeletons of a single species is impressive.

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