Dinosaur Hall of Fame

Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

Information Please's informal guide to the biggest, smallest, fastest, smartest, dumbest, widest, oldest, and most popular dinosaurs.

Largest Dinosaur:

Largest Carnivore:

Smallest Dinosaur:

Widest Dinosaur:

Longest Neck:




Earliest Dinosaur:

First Discovered:

Best Defense:

Most Popular:

Most All-American:

Most Hotly Debated:

tyrannosaurus skeleton
Tyrannosaurus skeleton.
(c) Joe Tucciarone
Sources: The Dinosaur Pages by T. Mike Keesey, and Encyclopedia Britannica. Illustrations (c) Joe Tucciarone. http://www.joetucciarone.com/joe.html Reprinted with permission.

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