Stephen Crane: The impact of a dollar upon the heart

The impact of a dollar upon the heart     Smiles warm red light, Sweeping from the hearth rosily upon the     white table, With the hanging cool velvet shadows Moving softly upon the door.  The impact of a million dollars Is a crash of flunkys, And yawning emblems of Persia Cheeked against oak, France and a sabre, The outcry of old beauty Whored by pimping merchants To submission before wine and chatter. Silly rich peasants stamp the carpets of men, Dead men who dreamed fragrance and light Into their woof, their lives; The rug of an honest bear Under the feet of a cryptic slave Who speaks always of baubles, Forgetting state, multitude, work, and state, Champing and mouthing of hats, Making ratful squeak of hats, Hats.