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Bordered by such diverse nations as China and Iran, Afghanistan has endured a long history of invasion and instability. The mountainous geography of the region has historically hindered the unity of its different ethnic groups, but it has also posed a major obstacle to any would-be conquerors.

Below find resources on the people, places, and religion of this region.

Profile: Afghanistan

Geography, government, largest cities, and economic statistics

History of Afghanistan

The location of Afghanistan has enticed conquerors throughout history . . .

Afghan War

The struggle of the Afghan mujahideen against the Soviet army

Who's Who in Afghanistan

Ahmed Shah Massoud to Muhammad Zahir Shah

Who Are the Taliban?

The history of Afghanistan's ruling faction

Taliban Timeline

October 7, 2001: U.S. begins bombing . . .

Encyclopedia: Afghanistan

Land and people, economy, history, bibliography



Afghanistan: Places, People, Religion

Cities and Regions

Religion and Ethnicity












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